A Binary Options Opportunity Every Hour See How

“A Binary Options Opportunity Every Hour See How with KOR1.1 Binary Options Strategy with Up to 100% Winning Days”

See More Below on how this binary options strategy when run systematically has had 100% winning days and up to an 89% average win rate in the systems results below.


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KOR11-binaryoptionssterategy-box2 A Binary Options Opportunity Every Hour See How

Post by Binary ULTRA.

See the pictures below.

You can see the hour markers there with a little EA we have.

With KOR1.1 you’re going to have a non stop potential ATM style money hand out opportunity every hour that the markets are open.

Yes that’s right

Check this out:  here is to taking every trade during a 2 am to 2 pm New York time which covers the EURO and NY opens on EURUSD:


89.23% Winning Percentage of all the trades combined!

Again the great thing about this Binary options strategy is that it’s organized by time period, every hour, so you know when to pay attention.  You don’t have to sit there all day waiting for an opportunity to develop. Know what I mean?

I’m sure some of you do because some have complained how certain strategies makes them have to wait and wait and wait for a trade.  Then these traders get so bored waiting for a trade signal to show that they lose focus and then miss the opportunity.  Yes, there went the golden moment… Now you have to wait for the next day.

Well that sucks.  We’ve heard the requests and we delivered.  So we made KOR1.1 which is great and a great FIX for wanting to have a scheduled, repeated every hour, highly probable binary options trading opportunity!

See the charts below for a better explanation.


More info on KOR1.1 Here


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