Binary Options Platforms

With the advent of online trading in the mid 90s, we saw the development of many innovative trading platforms. It was therefore easier for brokers to adopt some of available designs in order to create the conventional binary options platforms that were in use at the time. However, with the invention of devices such as the smartphones and tablet devices at about the same time that binary options trading became available, it was left for binary options brokers to blaze the trail in the development of newer versions of binary options platforms that were suited to these devices. That is why we now have binary options platforms for the mobile phones, smartphones and tablet devices.

Even though the use of binary options platforms for the mobile devices are not used universally, it will only be a short while before they become the gold standard as far as binary options platforms are concerned. Several studies have shown that smartphones and tablet devices are fast replacing conventional desktop and laptop computers for everyday computing, and this is clearly shown by the increasing revenues of smartphone companies and decreasing revenues of computer manufacturing firms.

Here are a few reasons why a trader should consider switching to a broker that has a binary options platform for mobile devices.

Trade Convenience

This is one of the most compelling reasons for switching over from a conventional trading platform to a binary options platform for mobile devices. For instance, you may want to take your family to a picnic or to a ceremony. You obviously cannot carry your laptop to such places. Not only is it going to be a huge inconvenience, but it could actually cause some offence to either your hosts or to others in such settings. But if you have your smartphone, it could easily slip into your pocket and no one will know if you are simply checking a text message or checking up on your positions on your binary options platform.

In addition, you can use your smartphone in places where it is impracticable or unthinkable to use your binary trading platform on a laptop. The convenience factor cannot be overemphasized.


Many traders use binary option trading as a second income stream in addition to their regular jobs. Very few employers will be amused by the sight of workers splitting their time between office duties and trading activity. But with a smartphone, you could easily check up on your positions or place new ones during a break or in between tasks.

In my early days of trading, I cannot count the number of trading opportunities that were lost because I was in places where I could not carry a laptop, let alone use it. Many people can identify with this experience.  But with the advent of binary options platforms for mobile devices, I can trade whenever I want, wherever I want without any hindrances. All you need to do is to download the binary options platform application for your device, and get connected.