Report a Binary Options Broker

On this page you can submit praise or insult about particular binary options brokers.

Make sure you report any suspicious or scammy action.  We will let others know.

If a broker is doing things that are bad practice we’ll asses the scenario and possibly address them directly.  If they are scamming in any real way shape or form – they need to be shut down.   We, and you should have zero tolerance for any unprofessional binary broker behavior.  That said make sure what you are saying is factual.

Binary options trading has grown quite a bit over the years since we’ve been involved making systems and strategies (since 2009).  Binary options trading with short expiration times can be a potential FANTASTIC opportunity to make money on a consistent basis with a good system and practice.  We all just need to take immediate and aggressive action to make sure binary options trading grows, flourishes and becomes more stable over time.   So please tell us what you know about your broker!

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