Like Droplets in a Summer Storm, RAIN7.2 Pelts Your Account with Potential Accumulating 60 Second Binary Options Profits!




60 second binary options systems trading can be an amazing experience. It can be a very fun and gratifying knowing your trading results within 60 seconds.

Of course the problem in 60 second binary options trading is that if you don’t have a simple plan to execute in real time you can also get yourself in trouble quickly, even spinning out of control. That’s why you need to develop a binary options system. Notice I did not say a binary options strategy. I send a system. These strategies not good enough because it will still be viewed open to picking and choosing. You don’t want to have to pick and choose. You need to be very systematic.


This means you need to figure out before hand how you are going to enter. And you need to do that over and over without thinking, without trying to choose the “best trades”. Trying to optimize in real time usually leads to disaster. That’s the most beginner and intermediate traders try to do. Advanced traders, those who actually inconsistently net out a profit, have learned to not try to optimize in real time. They have simplified training to a simple set of rules. And that going to be your only chance for consistent profits in binary options trading in case you haven’t found that out already.

RAIN7.2 60 Second Binary Options System

  • This 60 second binary option system can be traded throughout the day.
  • Can trade most instruments such as stocks and Forex
  • You can focus upon trading within a couple hours so it’s as the markets open. Trade for a couple hours to be done.
  • Different binary options brokers will offer different position sizings, with one offering up to $5000 per 60 second binary options trade
  • You will need to get used to trading 60 second binary options because they are quick and there’s no time for second guessing – you must anticipate your entries so you can be ready to pounce at the exact right time because every pip counts when trading 60 second binary options.


Check out the sample results below:

All you need to do is simply make sure your data feed lines up with your Berkers trading data. You can even use MT4 or MT5 or even free stock charts.com which is lined up with many binary options brokers just fine to date.


 Trading 4 Hours a Day Sample on EURUSD


NOTE:  60 second options trading ain’t easy.  We’ve found that some times price pops past our entry price giving us a more poor entry.  But we’ve also found that price will pull back giving us a better entry sometimes as well.   To trade 60 second binary options obviously we need motivated price triggers and that’s what this system provides.


EURUSD 6 AM TO 10 AM Tropical Storm Profit Booster Results:
W L Total @$500/trade W L Total @$500/trade
WLWWWLWWWLLLL 7 6 ($550.00) WLWWWWLWWWWWLW 11 3 $2,350.00
LWWWWWWWWLWWWWW 13 2 $3,550.00 WWWWWWWWLWW 10 1 $3,000.00
WLWWWW 5 1 $1,250.00 WLWWWWWLLWWWWW 11 3 $2,350.00
70 22 $13,500.00 91 23 $20,350.00
Avg. Per 4 Hour Day $1,928.57 Rain7.2 Results Avg. Per 4 Hour Day $2,907.14  Tropical Storm Profit Booster Results


Totals for 4 Hours Trading A Day Rain7.2 Plus “Tropical Storm” Profit Booster
W L Total @$500/trade
161 45 $33,850.00

Total Avg. Per Day Systems Results with $500 Per Trade, Trading Only 4 Hours Per Day:

$4,835.71 Per Day



One Pay:  $4,997