Is Binary Options System ClusterFLUX4 the Ultimate ULTRA System?

You Tell Me: Trades for Only 2 Hours a Day with a $2,069.23 Systems Results Average with Only $500 Trade Sizes… That’s $1034.62 Per Hour!

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I bet you think I’m kidding, that I made this up, don’t you. You think I’m full of ^&*()@*, right. Of course you do. How can these systems results be possible. If you haven’t been in the binary options markets as long as I have (or in almost all markets as long as I have (getting close to 30 years…) how can you see what I see? I understand. And that’s ok.

I’m here to help a few traders totally kick some serious tail in their binary options trading.  You think I’m just saying that don’t you.

Have you made 7 figures from your binary trading yet? You’re slacking.   Other students are way ahead.   What’s taking you so long?  What have you been doing all this time?

I’m here to help a few folks who want to stop screwing around with trading, to stop treating trading as if it were some game or gimmick, or some goofy slot machine turn trading into a real, professional business. I’m here to help a few traders who are ready to give up the emotional thrills of trading to turn trading into a very ‘boring’, business like adventure in that you’ve reduced trading to a few rules you mindlessly do over and over every day, an exercise that can become potentially, extremely profitable.

03-CLUSTEROnly a few will succeed. But no one will ever get there without simply trading a good trading system.

Don’t believe me ? You can read about it in the Market Wizards – then you’ll believe. I’m here to to help a few traders slow down. Stop pursuing the ‘fast money trap’. Haste makes waste in trading and that’s for sure. Slow and steady wins the race. (Now where have you heard that before…).

I want you to realize that slow and steady with a slow and stead, smart money management system is the FASTEST way to hit ‘critical mass’ and potentially become wildly profitable. You think I’m making this up? Well go study Warren Buffet and then go study Richard Dennis of the “Turtle Traders” – they’ll teach you a thing or two about slow and steady.

This binary option system is a powerful system that trades and only two hours.

Of course you don’t have to only trade two hours you can trade all day. In fact this is a system that you can trade pretty much any time, although more active market times are preferred. You know, part of the reason most of us got into trading was for the lifestyle improvement! So what’s the use if we are going to stare at a computer all day?

So therefore we post results below based off of a two hour trading window. Two hours only! And look at the results!

That is a ridiculously powerful binary options system and it’s not a toy… Observe the track record below: the result to see below are based on the exact entry mechanism that this binary option system is based on. It is the representation of what you will be purchasing when you buy the system.

What is ClusterFLUX4 ULTRA Binary Options System?

  • ClusterFLUX4 “2 Hours and Done Binary Options System” trades for only two hours. This is done on purpose to allow for lifestyle. You could always trade the system longer if you want. But we found that it’s better to concentrate well for a couple hours than it is to not concentrates so well over many hours.
  • The system is based on a video course where we teach you the exact rules of entry. With binary options you only need to learn about entries. The expiration takes care of our exits.
  • This is a system which means that we look to remove the decision-making process in real time. This type of trading could help your trading considerably. Those you get emotional while trading, which is extremely easy to do, will be hooked, lined and sinkered by the marketplace.
  • This is not software. The product is not ‘mailed’ to you. You access the product through a members area online.
  • Eventually the system will become so easy that you’ll become excited to trade well. And let your excitement come from trading the system well. And let the potential results, your profits, come from trading the system well. You never try to “make results happen” while trading live in real time.
  • This system can be applied to stocks and Forex

The System Performance Results

@$500 = $500 per trade taken. These is the basis of how we show results. You can adjust to the amount you trade by dividing or multiplying the $500 per trade. Eventually you want to grow an account big enough to where $5000 a trade is a 1% to 3% risk per trade, depending on your system.



So at $500 per trade trading the full 6.5 hour day would equal $6,724.99

ClusterFLUX4 2 Hour ULTRA Binary Options System $4,997
$2997 Special Offer Pricing