FIRE8.4 Stock Binary Options System Gives You a Commanding Way to TORCH Stock Binary Options All Day!

30 Minute Stock Binary Options System that YOU Should ALWAYS Be Running!



  • Trades 30 minute binaries
  • Home study course that teaches you the exact system and how to trade it
  • Can trade all day long
  • Stock binary options focus



  • Run a prolific binary options system all day long
  • You can reduce to a couple hours of trading a day.
  • Potential cash flow the binary options market



This system is a unique way of playing price. We’ve taken an older proprietary trigger and tweaked it. To our surprise the results have been very good to say the least! Plus this is system that feels good to trade. We’ve also included larger position sizing examples because for many of you out there $500 per trade is a bit small.

So how do you make this happen?

Well, disclaimer disclaimer: past results don’t necessarily mean future results trading has risk and stuff… Future results can’t be crystal balled… That said FIREX8.4 trades a fundamental pattern and price trigger that as the past several decades is concerned – is quite solid indeed!

So you can feel pretty good about the future ‘possibility’ and ‘probability’.

From there you need to actually trade it. Do you have to sit there and trade it for 6 hours? No you could focus in on an hour or two, really. And with this system it pretty much does not matter what time frame you focus upon.

But whatever you do just focus on the same consistent time over and over – and do all of the trades – do not try to guess, pick and choose for then you would not be trading the system, you’d be back to ‘winging it’. So get the system.

Keep it simple. Keep your position sizing right and even. And do the simple trades. Don’t think. Keep it easy. Don’t try to optimize and go.

You’ll see from experience that simply doing the system, which may likely counter your human nature, is the way to go through practice and experience, (if you don’t ‘get it’ right off the bat anyways).

Here is a performance sample of FIRE8.4. This system below is tested on stocks. See the different stock performance samplings below. Different stocks behave differently. The more volatile stocks seem to perform better.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.05.15 PM

Don’t get burned by missing out!

Price: $3997