What If You Could Have an Instant Solution for Trading Binary Options Like a Pro with a System that Our Students Like a Lot?

KOR5.2 ULTRA 5 Minute Expiration Binary Options System Tears Up Forex Binary Options Markets with Grace and Precision…

… At a Clip of $2,100 Per 3 Hour Day Systems Results All at a Globally Friendly Trading Time

We’ve heard you Australia, China, Indonesia

We’ve heard you Europe

We’ve heard you Americas who want to trade before your go to work.

Could KOR5.2 ULTRA Binary Options System be the solid system to help you “get money done” and trade for a good living that you’ve been looking for? …

Here are some current problems some traders have when trying to make more money in binary options:

Sometime some binary systems don’t groove with one’s personality. This makes it hard to trade.

Also, some methods of trading binary options are hard for students to believe in. So therefore they don’t trust the system and they don’t trade system correctly therefore don’t get the results.

But what if you could find a method of trading that seems to be appreciated universally amongst different personalities that gives a good ebb and flow to trading the binary options markets? I mean what if you could actually make the track record you see below actually happen for yourself??

I mean think about it: What if you were able to have similar results?  Whereas what if you could generate  $2,715.00 a 3 hour “day” average at $500 per trade.  Or that’s $543 for three hour day trading $100 per trade. We can’t guarantee  you the future but it certainly helps to have a high probability plan for the future based on solid systems results of the past.

But it’s A great feeling to trade a great system the other students like trading.

Well we started off in attempt to make an intermediate level system and it somehow turned into a pro level, ultra level system again.

By this I mean check out the system results with trading just 3 hours a day.

The system trades between 6 and 9 am New York time (which is minus 4 to 5 hours from GMT). We picked this time due to requests of students since this time period was a more globally available and practical one to most.

Check out the systems results using $500/trade at a binary broker return rate of 70% return for win and zero returned back on loss. Common slippage also factored in from our trading experience. We’ll update more as we go along.


  • Capture those moves that are in trend but also happen when a trend starts to fail and reverse
  • Be on the side of the market’s momentum
  • Trade five-minute binary options for Quick profits capture
  • Use our money management system to compound binary options properly into an expanding trading business


  • Use KOR5.2 to help take your binary options trading up a notch into ultra levels
  • Have an advanced trading system that could potentially instantly help turn you into an expert binary options trader
  • Become a better trader learning how to trade systematically with KOR5.2
  • Potentially Increase your confidence in binary trading and in general by successfully trading KOR5.2

Green Arrows = Wins   Imagine Being Able to Do Something Like This in Your Binary Options Trading:

EURUSD System Results Performance Sample:  (you can use any preferred Forex Pair you wish we just use this as an example) trading from 6 am to 9 am EST – 3 Hours Only!

Date | Win or Loss position | Win total | Lose total |  Net Gain/Loss if trading at $500 per trade.:

Nov 3rd WWWWWWLLWWLWWWWWWL 14 4 $2,900.00
31-Oct WWWWLWWWWWWLWLW 12 3 $2,700.00

24-Oct LWWWLWWWWWLL 8 4 $800.00
WWWWLWWL 6 2 $1,100.00

Total for 10 Days Sample = $27,150.00
$2,715.00 a 3 hour “day” average.  You could trade longer of course.

This $2,715.00 a day average is serious stuff. The system is very doable. You are trading 5 minute expiration binary options so there is no panic.

How to trade this system walk through:

  1. Learn the systems rules. Study some charts on previous days.
  2. Practice trading the system by shoving chart data to the right then use your arrow key to simulate ‘real time’ or just use a demo account.
  3. Now you get the gist of the system, which shouldn’t take very long at all it’s time to trade. But just start with the bare minimum position until you know for sure you’re trading the system correctly.
  4. Firstly you don’t have to trade between 6-9 a.m. you can trade whenever you want.
  5. Crack open your charts. MT4, MT5 whatever works best for you and Forex
  6. Open up your broker in a stable browser. Don’t have too many windows open
  7. As the setup pops up, shoot! Take your shots
  8. You don’t have to try really hard, guess

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ULTRA Binary Options System KOR5.2 –  $4997