15 Minute Binary Options

The 15 Minute binary options trade is a binary options trade contract that has a 15 – minute expiry. Again, it is not possible to trade the The Touch/No Touch or boundary option trade types with a 15 minute expiry. The following trade types can be traded as 15 minute binary options.

There are different types of 15 minute binary options offerings on different binary broker platforms. If you have a question on how to execute a 15 minute binary options expiration simply ask your broker to tell you what binary option you can trade that will expire in 15 minutes.  The main type of 15 minute binary option we trade is  one that closes above a given price for a binary call or closes below a given price for a binary put.

With the 15 minute binary options contract, the trader is betting on whether the asset price ends higher or lower than the asset purchase market price at the end of a 15 – minute time frame. More often than not, the trade outcomes will either be a losing or winning trade. It is not common to get trades that expire at breakeven points.

How to trade a 15 Minute Binary Options Contract

With a 15 minute expiry, it is a bit safer for the trader to use technical analysis as there would have been some time for a particular pattern which could be used to predict trade a possible direction. It is possible to use short term chart patterns or candlesticks to execute a 15 minute binary options trade contract. Consequently we have developed binary options trading systems for this purpose. Our trading systems have been developed from our experience over the past several years of binary options.

In order to execute the 15 minute binary options trade, setup the parameters as follows:

a)      Choose the asset of interest.

b)      Enter the amount to be invested in the trade.

c)      Select a trade direction.

d)      Set the expiry to 15 minutes.

e)      Click on the trade execution button (whichever one it is depending on your platform) to activate the trade.


Whatever platform you choose to make the trade will not make a difference in this case. The most important aspect of this trade is to get the analysis of the trade right. On the other hand on average we cannot guess the direction of the markets. The marketplace will do whatever it wants. We just need to be there with a trading system that will put us in position for high probability movies. Then we simply do these moves over and over. That’s the secret. Those who try to seek after the perfect trade or who try to be right every time will most often and most likely lose in binary trading.  Those who execute a high probability binary options trading system over and over, in a very simple manner with proper money-management stand the greatest chance of success for the short, medium and long-term in binary options trading.