30 Minute Binary Options

The 30 Minute binary options trade is a binary options trade contract that has a 30 – minute expiry. This means that every 30 minutes usually on the hour and a half an hour, this fiery option expires and goes away. The 30 minute binary option affords us much opportunity and therefore take advantage of it.

Most binary options brokers offer the 30 minute binary option contract. If the binary option broker does not offer the 30 minute binary option you should probably look elsewhere.

With the 30 minute binary options contract, the trader is betting on an outcome in which the asset price will either end higher or lower than the asset purchase market price at the end of a 30 – minute time frame. It is  uncommon to get trades that expire at breakeven points with the 30 minute binary options although it’s possible.

There are variations upon a 30 minute binary expiration and I’m sure more to come as the industry evolves. The most common is the “high/low” where we look for the binary option to expire in the money. This means we need the price to be away from the entry price expiration in the direction of our trade. So if we buy a call we want the binary option to close up. There are also above/below 30 minute binary options, one touch and boundary 30 minute binary options.

How to trade a 30 Minute Binary Options Contract

Study 30 minutes cycle price action and get a good binary options trading system.  Just as is obtainable for the 15 minute option, it is possible to use 30-minute chart patterns or candlestick patterns that form on the 1 to 3 minute chart to execute a 30 minute binary options trade contract.

The trader can decipher when chart patterns form, the strength of this pattern as well as the duration of the effect of the chart pattern.

In order to execute the 30 minute binary options trade, setup the trade parameters as follows:

a)      Choose the asset of interest.

b)      Enter the amount to be invested in the trade.

c)      Select a trade direction. On classical option platforms, this would be the classical trade type with a Call/Put execution “Binary Options” – Most mark by the :30 and the :00.  Some brokers provide 30 minutes from the start of entry.

d)      On classical option platforms, elect the next expiry level after the 15 minute expiry, which is usually the 30-minute expiry.

e)      Click on the trade execution button to activate the trade.


If your platform allows you to cash out the trade in profits before the 30-minute expiry, you may decide to use this option, especially if the outcome of the trade is not as clear-cut as expected.

Here is a collection of some of our 30 second binary options systems:

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