60 Minute Binary Options

The 60 minute binary options trade is a binary options trade contract that has a one hour expiry.  This 60 minute expiration used to be the binary options standard. Now most brokers have moved further away from 60 minute binary options making 30 minute binary options expirations their prime offering. Although many broker still do offer 60 minute binary options expirations.

This also maybe because many of our students torched the binary options markets with our 60 minute binary option systems of the past.  Brokers maybe hoping that shorter and shorter expirations will get traitors to do more emotional based trading. But you’re going to know better after you obtain our trading systems. You’re gonna know how to trade the right way it’s right way, trading systematically – not by emotions.

Most binary options brokers out there do not offer the Touch/No Touch or boundary option trade types with a 30 minute expiry. You are more likely to get the 30 minute binary options under the following trade conditions.

With the standard 60 minute binary options contract, the trader is betting on an outcome in which the asset price will either end higher or lower than the asset purchase market price at the end of 60 minutes.

How to trade a 60 Minute Binary Options Contract

The gold standard for trading a 60 minute binary options trade contract is technical analysis. The 60 minute time frame is the benchmark chart for technical analysis for many intraday traders, be it in forex or in the binary options market.

Furthermore, if the 15 minute chart is combined with the 60 minute chart, entries can be filtered for enhanced accuracy of trade results. Candlesticks can also serve to confirm entries. Indeed, when chart patterns and candlesticks are combined, the results are very good.

In order to execute the 60 minute binary options trade, setup the trade parameters as follows:

a)      Choose the asset of interest.

b)      Enter the amount to be invested in the trade.

c)      Select a trade direction.

d)      Set the expiry to 60 minutes on .

e)      Click on the trade execution button to activate the trade.

The 60 minute binary options expiry is not necessarily available for all traded assets at all brokers. You are more likely to get this with currencies, indices and commodities (when the commodities market is open for business).  You may also see a few stocks trading with 60 minute expiries as well.  The binary broker industry is continually and rapidly changing. You’ll have to contact various binary options brokers to see if they offer 60 minute binary options expirations.