60 Second Binary Options

The 60-second binary options trade is typically a Up/Down or High/Low binary trade that has a 60 second expiry. In this trade, the trader is betting on whether the asset price will end up higher or lower than the asset purchase market price at the end of 60 seconds. With the 60 second binary options, there will be one of three possible outcomes:

a)      A profitable trade, which occurs if the asset price ends up by even one pip in the trader’s predicted direction.

b)      A losing trade, which is out of the money if the asset price ends in a direction contrary to the trader’s trade by even a single pip.

c)      A trade which ends up as a breakeven trade, as the asset price at expiry will remain unchanged from the asset purchase price.

60 Second Binary Options Systems we offer:

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How to trade a 60 Second Binary Options Contract

This is an ultra-short expiry trade, and it is difficult to make money with this trade as 60 seconds is a truly small amount of time with which to predict the movement of volatile assets such as commodities or currencies. In a nutshell, the process of executing the 60 second trade is as follows:

a)      Choose an asset you would like to trade.

b)      Enter the trade amount, which is the amount you want to invest.

c)      Select a trade direction. On platforms where this trade is offered, you will see Call or Put in place of High or Low/Up or Down respectively.

d)      Click on the START button.


In order to win with the 60 second binary options, the trader has to take cognizance of the fact that asset prices are very volatile and broker price manipulations under these trade conditions cannot be ruled out. As such, it is best to trade the 60 second binary options when you are sure that the trade will move in your direction. For this reason, the following circumstances are best suited for trading 60 second binary options.

a)      During a high-impact news trades. Here, you have to use your economic calendar, select a high-impact news trade such as the Non-farm Payrolls report, and wait for the news release, before pulling the trigger. Your success rate is increased if you select a low latency news service to enable you get the news release earlier.

b)      When there is extreme market volatility.

c)      Just 30 seconds before the market open. This works best for indices. Usually there would have been a market sentiment that will surely influence the direction of the trade open. One of the best occasions that you can use this is when trading the Asian indices such as the Nikkei 225. This index virtually does what the US exchanges have done the previous session, as Japan’s economy is invariably tied to that of its No. 1 trade partner.

It will take some practice to master the 60 second binary options trade. If your broker allows it, open a demo trading account and engage the power of the 60 second binary option.