Of course there’ll be scammers in any industry… But the surprise of me personally has been the self governance of the binary options industry.

Scams don’t last very quickly in the binary options market place. This is really neat! Why does this happen? Well we’re hot off the tail end of a big mess created by Forex. There were many lessons learned and fears created for those who are looking to defraud..

The binary options brokerage industry started out shaky  But competition send weeded out the losers and the cheaters. Also the leadership of one of our traders in the markets shaped the markets towards a more professional opportunity. He demanded that brokers honor their withdrawal requests and along with his binary trading friends would call out any broker. And any broker that gets on this crap list will quickly disappear.

Also because of the binary options trading systems that were put out by one of our head traders, the whole market was set to a high standard. These systems were professional actually worked. Therefore anything else in comparison quickly faded. So you’re lucky, but because of our collective leadership and our ability to hold the brokerage industry accountable that you have a tremendous opportunity today that keeps getting better and better.

What to look out for: as the binary options brokerage industry of evolves we look out for a cordial resolution with regulation between the various countries in the binary options brokerages. Also we look for binary options brokerages to convert from the “house” model to the exchange model. Also you want to look out for binary options trading systems that have stood the test of time. Don’t think that because a binary system was popular one day that it’s over. A well built binary option system should always work although the markets will fluctuate periodically. Just because a market may slow down for a period doesn’t mean it will stay slow. It usually speeds right back up again so be patient.

Here is a List of reputable binary brokers to date:

  1. Broker 1 – super large and stable
  2. Broker 2 – similar – accepts USA traders
  3. Broker 3 – stocks focus, very stable – accepts USA traders
  4. Broker 4 – accepts USA


Binary Options Scams

Binary Options Scams