Get Kicked Out of Your Binary Broker for Making Too Much Profit

A student of ours got kicked out of a particular (Cyprus) binary broker recently for making to much profit!    That’s not a bad problem to have!  (yes he was paid all his profits)..
Sounds like a strange goal to shoot for but if you’re that wildly successful then that’s a really good thing.  But to correct the broker situation, well I already told you guys many years ago the strategy:
For Cyprus based brokers (NADEX – you have no problems pounding out as much profit as you want or building up your account as big as you want)
1. Start at one broke.  As soon as you get up to $1000 maybe $2000 a day on average start withdrawing once a week.  Don’t let your account build up – this will scare house model brokers
2. Open up more broker accounts one by one.   Share the wealth (well you’re actually ‘sharing the pain’ to them).  Divide and conquer
3. When you are cash flowing pay a coder to make you a multi platform automator customized for you.   Yes this can be done on old school spot options, tech financial platforms – it has been done for many years.
So how do you do this?   Get KOR5.2 – THAT is the magical system that just seems to click super well with traders
Check it out:


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