How to Trade Binary Options?

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You come to the first, the best, brightest, brightest with the best binary options trading systems, educator in  binary options.  We were here from the start (on another site(s)). We were the first to roll out a binary options 101 course and the first to develop a binary options trading system made available back in 2009-2010.

Winning of binary options requires a certain insight

You need to learn how binary options trading works.  We have developed several binary options courses to teach you and depth how to win at binary options while growing your winnings.

The great thing about binary options is that you only need to clear one cent, one tick, one hip in order to make 65% to 100% returns, returns that you can do over and over and over and over within a day.

Now with NADEX you can even achieve 200% to 900% returns on a repeated basis with their different type of binary option.  NADEX binary options allow you to enter and exit, buy low, sell high, Treat it as a credit spread… They’re very different then the traditional binary option. We have a powerful course that will teach you many practical and strategic ways, how to trade NADEX.

You need to develop the binary options profit vision to be able to see into the future, The future expiration

That may sound like we are talking about a crystal ball here but we’re not. There’s a certain vision, a way of thinking that allows you to see the probability of direction and duration out in front of you within a particular period of time. In fact I had to develop this skill in order to create the first binary options system ever. Those original binary options systems were very powerful, and they still are! (Contact us if you’d like to find out more about these original systems – They keep on turning out systems results in a powerful way.)

How do you look out into the future? Well you’re not looking out to the future in a certain sense but you are going to be able to determine a high probability direction price conviction entry point off of which price moves away from your entry point in towards the expiration point. Do you get it?  See, what we want to do is when we look to trade the binary option into an expiration we simply want the underlying instruments priced to move away from our entry point in our desired direction so our binary option can’t expire past are entry point which with the traditional binary options broker is Our strike price.  (Whereas NADEX has fixed strikes like a vanilla option.)

Winning consistently in binary options while compounding those winnings requires you to become systematic, a Binary options systems trader

Oh yes, you’ll hear me preach on this quite a bit. You want to simplify binary options trading into simple singular thoughts. You do not want to have to figure out a bunch of stuff in real-time trading. After all we are daytrading and we need to react quickly and precisely.

Besides being able to make a lot of money by doing really simple things is an amazing thing. You can work as a factory worker or you can learn how to become  a systems trader.  Which job do you think has more potential to make more money?

You better have said the trader. The opportunity in trading is absolutely immense for those who learn how to trade well. But that’s the thing, most are too lazy to learn how to trade well, so they dive ahead and a practice incorrect trading making lots of mistakes, while then turning mistakes into habits– a very bad idea.

You need a good binary options broker at which you feel comfortable trading of that you trust

Obviously this is a critical aspect of binary options trading. You can trade binary options without a broker!

The industry is littered with binary options brokers.  Many of these binary option brokers are terrible. Many of these binary options brokers are excellent as well.

Fortunately individual countries have started to take over their own regulation of binary options trading. Of course the USA has taken a lead kicking out the various potentially flaky previously Cyprus based binary options brokers replacing with its own binary options exchanges with own binary options exchanges with NADEX and Cantor (and of course the CBOE).

If you’re doing small potatoes trading then just about any reputable binary options broker will do.  But if you’re trading large songs then you want something more professional that can handle the large sums (such as NADEX).

So your assignment for the moment is to list of 5 to 7 brokers and start examining those brokers. Do your due diligence on them to see if they are well respected and then pick one and get started. See if they have a demo account so you can get to know their platform.

Get our binary options courses – don’t fool around in binary options without these

We have binary options courses from ULTRA Binary Options 101 to 107.  We also have a NADEX 101 course.   Please make sure you have these courses down pat.  Otherwise you’re setting yourself up for making a lot of mistakes while limiting your potential dramatically for Making money in binary options.

How to trade Binary Options

When we are talking about how to trade binary options we are talking about have to daytrade binary options. Most people looking to trade binary options or looking to daytrade, That means to intraday trade binary options.  Know some people have gotten into trading daily binary options and weekly binary options.  Some may even trade monthly binary options over at the CBOE (Hey the prospect of making a 70% plus return month based off an extremely high probability entry point is dramatic if you think about it!  Of course one would actually be looking at a return of such for a fraction of that per month so money management position sizing when need to be determined in combination with winning percentage probability in order to maximize such, or towards such a fat monthly return.)

Speaking of returns – I want you to get a perspective that just because you can make a 70%, 100%, 500%,… return on your binary options trade that doesn’t necessarily equate to a return on your accounts on a Weekly, Monthly or yearly basis. So you have to put this all together whereas your trades can average out of net profit in some sort of consistent way that you can stack, Preferably compound overtime in order to get the very powerful monthly return on your entire account.

There’re many different platforms out there nowadays.  Two primary platforms are Spotoption and Techfinancials.  You also have NADEX which is very different as well.  Stock Pair has a great platform as well where they offer only static binaries which means that the binary will expire in the set time, start ticking in the time, from your point of entry.   So different platforms will require different approaches to trading binary options.

In regards to the Spotoption in Tech Financials platform most trade the “Hi/low binary options” (a stupid name if you ask me). This simply means that you want underlying instrument to go higher when you buy a binary call from your point of entry and stay higher by the time of expiration.  The time of expiration is simply it’s time when your binary option expires. You get to choose your own expiration time.  Don’t worry it’s easy.   Vice versa on the put position.

NADEX – a Different Beast with Lots of Potential for Making Lots of  Money with Lots of Probability to Do So

In regards to NADEX, well you’re probably just going to have to get the ULTRA NADEX 101 course.

But for a short introduction you can trade their binary options like a vanilla option whereas you can ride a low price into a high price even achieving a 900% return with a decent amount of the probability, and I am not kidding.  You could take a higher momentum break signal that you can trade repetitively over and over for 300 to 500% returns.  You just got to learn my way of looking at NADEX.

You can also trade  NADEX binary options as credit spreads plucking off high probability setup opportunities  that are already in the money.  (and I am not talking about NADEX actual credit spreads but their binary options as credit spreads).  You can trade the at the money binary options at NADEX that trades more like traditional binary options, although you have to line up with their set strikes.

The opportunity is certainly there at NADEX.  Maybe for some there’s too much opportunity.  But you’ll learn to keep it simple and focus in on stuff that just works in a solid way and then simply maximize that with your position sizing overtime.

How to Learn Binary Options Fast

In order to learn binary options quickly the best thing for you to do is to firstly dive into a demo account.  Hack around.  Make a mess.  Test every possibility so you can get comfortable with the parameters of the platform and then what happens if you do certain things.  This is akin to a musician getting to know their instrument. You need to know how to play your instrument in order to perform in real-time.

And then from there really, get our binary options courses.  I’m not just saying that because we sell them but our binary options courses will save you a ton of time and get you extremely valuable insight and understanding that you’re just not going to get anywhere else outside of another extremely profitable trader.  Also remember that I was one of the first groups  in this binary options industry on the trader side and one of the first to develop a binary options system made public.  On top of that I have evolved binary options systems and strategies to incredible levels even beyond what you see on this site.   So get the binary options courses and start getting our binary options systems – save yourself a lot of headache trying to figure it out on your own and potentially make a lot of money in the process of learning.

There is a lot of information out there about binary options these days.  There are some good things.  But there is also a lot of junk.  Binary options industry was doing very well for a while as I dominated it for years.  I pushed the industry towards professional training integrity coaching many brokers in the meantime.  But then I turned my focus two other things and the whole industry seem to go to pot afterwards with those scammy old Forex marketers, their lying sales pitches in their fake robots defecating all over the binary options industry.  Unfortunately these scumbags are operating outside of laws that would restrict them so they get away with it.  But what’s even more unfortunate is that the binary options industry now has a tarnished image.  Everywhere I turn what I mention binary options people think “scam”.   But on the other hand…

The scum bags actually created  opportunities for the legitimate binary options companies to shine, such as NAYDEX in addition to other brokers that are emanating out of the individual countries through their own laws.  That is a great thing.  Binary options are a great way to trade, particularly day trade.  This way of trading must further legitimize and grow.   So I’ve decided to come back and get involved again.

Let’s take this industry back over and shut down the scammy pigs.  Stop going for the “easier and easier” way with some robot garbage.  You’re not going to learn how to trade with a robot. You should learn how to trade first and then create your own robots.  There is technology out there that will help you create your own robot and actually automate into your account! You should be focused on this instead of relying on someone’s scam garbage.  Trading is a competitive market it’s not some utopian free-for-all where abundance, bunnies, flowers and cookies for everyone forever are imagined to exist.  Don’t listen to those people. (this is also why countries that scam their populace into thinking socialistic or communistic ideas work always implode.) Trading doesn’t work this way and neither does the world.  In trading you’re in a marketplace and there always has to be someone on the other end of your order.

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