Is it better to use a binary option strategy versus a binary options system?

Is it better to use a binary option strategy versus a binary options system?

This is a good question. You should get our ULTRA Binary Options 101 course.  We handle this topic well within that course.

There are now many options for binary options trading.  Before systems trading was pretty much the only way to go. Now strategy trading with NADEX can absolutely crush it.

You can do very well when you have enough time till expiration for your move to develop.  You may want to consider trading weekly or monthly or end of day binaries as well if you want to be a strategy trader.

What is a binary options strategy trader?  It’s someone who hones in for the best trades, picking and choosing between setups for the optimal entry.

A systems trader takes a strategy set up and it simply trades the strategy over and over without judging the next train and hope for netting at a profit between all the trading setups combined.


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