KOR5.2 ULTRA the 5 Minute Binary Options Sweet Spot

KOR5.2 ULTRA the 5 Minute Binary Options Sweet Spot

Each binary options expiration has it’s own sweet spot with different price action triggers.  The 5 min binary option is a nice mix of immediate satisfaction vs. reasonable amount of time allowing for a healthy price reaction in your trading instrument.

With 5 min binaries, you’ll want to go inside price more so it’s usually better to trade 1 min bars or 2 min bars.

Fortunately we’ve found a way to hit binary trades with energized momentum triggers.  And we’re now able to play expanding and collapsing directional movement at the same time. It’s pretty cool.  Check out what KOR5.2 could do for you.

I know we had some special pricing going on.  It’s a steal at that price.  Not sure if it is still up there but if it is, I would get the system immediately!


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