Many people have heard the latest buzz about the binary options market and are wondering how to trade binary options for a living or as a second stream of income. In this article, we will give a simplified version of how to trade binary options profitably, but with a special emphasis on mobile trading using the iPhone and iPad tablet device as well as the Android-based phones and tablet devices.

Very few binary options brokers currently offer binary option trading using mobile devices. Some go the extra mile of including the Android based devices as part of its mobile trading suite. There are numerous advantages to using mobile devices over the conventional desktop and laptop computer devices that have been the hallmark of trading over the years.

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»Traders will have access to real time trading fully on the go from wherever they find themselves. So whether a trader is on the beach or in the shopping mall, he will be able to comfortably trade binary options or check his positions without hassles. Try carrying a laptop to the beach and see how comfortable that will be.

»The trading platform interface is similar to what a trader will get from the usual desktop application. The trader can use his login details to follow trends in the market and to check positions.

»There are no restrictions to the kinds of trades that can be placed on the trading platform, and the trader can trade all assets just as he would have traded on his computer.

»The trader can get access to unlimited quotes for assets in more than 100 markets.

»The use of the mobile applications for how to trade binary options comes without any cost whatsoever. There are no commissions charged or hidden charges to be paid.

How can a trader gain access to the mobile binary options trading application? If he is using an iPhone or iPad, the best bet is to visit the App store and search for the mobile trading application of his preferred broker. If the trader wants to use the AnyOption platform, he can go to the App Store and search for the application. The download link can be sent to the trader’s iPhone or to his email address. For the Android based devices, the binary options mobile trading application can be downloaded from Google Play or from the Android Publisher’s marketplace, and the download link can also be sent to the trader’s email address. Optionrally is one broker which has a binary options mobile trading application on the Android Marketplace, while that of AnyOption is exclusively found on Google Play.

The iPhone/iPad and Android devices are not the only mobile devices that traders can use in learning how to trade binary options. A broker like IGMarkets offers traders the Windows-based trading platform in addition to its iPhone and Android versions, enabling traders to make use of the Windows-based devices to learn how to trade the binary options markets.