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There are no guarantees of results nor guarantees of success.  We don not even imply that you will succeed with our systems.  Our systems may help you, a lot, or they may not.  All systems results, which are track records of performance shown on a trading systems or strategy page are based off of the systems rules to present an ideal execution of the system in real time according to the systems rules.  In determining these system results we try to be as accurate as possible while factoring slippage possibilities that can occur in real time.

You may not perform as well as the system rules or you may perform better in real time.  When you buy our system you are buying education on new trading ideas, not a guarantee that a set of trading rules will produce you consistent profits into the future.  Although it could happen past performance doesn’t mean future performance nor does a past performance of a system mean that you will perform the system well, or even pay attention for that matter to your trades.   So in summary:  you are buying education on new approaches to rule based trading of the markets and you are not buying any sort of guaranteed return.  It takes work to learn how to trade a system well, work that most students are not willing to do. So most students do poorly and hop along to something else looking for a quick fix.